The Elefant Story

It’s tough to believe that it has been almost two years since we launched this little project.  In that time, we have heard from many bookkeepers and accountants who have used our resources to dive into Xero and other apps.  We are so pleased because our passion has always been to teach and share our knowledge with others, which is how our company came to be.

I started my accounting practice in 2012 in my guest bedroom because I wanted to be present for my children. At the time, I was going through a divorce and the idea of getting a job in public accounting made me want to cry. I wanted to be the one who stayed home with the kids when they were sick, I wanted to show up at school with cupcakes for their birthdays, I wanted to travel with them and show them how big the world really is. And I have, all because of cloud technology.

In the process of crafting my dream practice, I realized that there are thousands of accountants and bookkeepers who want to tap into the potential of the cloud, whether it’s for creating a lifestyle practice like I have, or building a massive, scalable firm. Truth is that the two grow the same way- with practice management, process, and technology- so that’s what Elefant focuses on.

At the end of 2016 (after two years of planning and design, which happens to be the gestational period of an elephant), we launched our little company. And we’re incredibly proud of the way it’s turned out – the company is bigger and better than our original vision, which is a result of our commitment to try and try again.

In the summer of 1997, my Elefant co-founder Monica and I drove from Lafayette, Louisiana to Denver, Colorado where I was starting graduate school.  Back then, people used paper maps to get around, so we had our Rand McNally Road Atlas with us.

It was from 1993 and the cover touted that there had been over 25,000 updates from 1992, the year before.  Monica looked at me and said, “Then how many (expletive) roads have changed in the last FOUR years?”

Like the atlas, our little company has changed ten-fold in the last two years. We have gone from an analog trainer of small businesses- our first idea was to take Xero training to small businesses across the country, mostly because we love to travel- to a certified, virtual provider of CPE content. We have written a nearly 200-page book on getting started with Xero. We have launched a self-paced law firm accounting course. We have created tons of free content and coaching through digital channels. We have forged partnerships with apps to provide their accounting-side training. And we have even written Xero training guides for an international Big Four accounting firm.

One thing remains the same, though- we are committed to helping you move the ball on your practice, whether you are a brand-new solo bookkeeper or the biggest of the big. We encourage you to work through step-by-step, being proud of each milestone, no matter how small, and not to get discouraged or overwhelmed.

Just take it one bite at a time.